Body Care

How is it possible to maintain the same pH for three years without using chemicals?

We use a special manufacturing process that preserves the pH without the need for chemical additives.

What makes Pet-Cool better than ordinary water from a household water purifier or alkali/acid generator?

An alkali ion generator with pH of around 11 can produce similar results to Body Care. But the pH starts to drop as soon as the water comes into contact with air, and the alkaline properties are soon lost.
The pH level of Body Care is not affected by contact with air. The product retains its properties for a full year after opening. Body Care is made using via a special electrolysis process that is unique in the industry.

Does the strong alkali cause skin irritations?

Most alkali products include oxygen or surfactant additives to maintain the pH level, and these can irritate the skin. Body Care contains no chemical additives whatsoever and is totally safe to use on your pet's coat. Body Care is essentially alkaline water and will not cause skin irritation.

Can Body Care be used in conjunction with chemical shampoos?

Body Care combines well with shampoos by keeping the skin taut when dry, which helps to protect the skin by getting rid of excess matter such as surfactant chemicals while maintaining good condition. Be sure to wipe off after use.

Why does the spray have an alcohol smell?

Because Body Care penetrates deeply, the alcohol disinfectant on the spray nozzle may become noticeable at times. If the smell bothers you, spray lightly two or three times into the air before use.

What is the whitish sediment in the bottle?

The sediment is evidence of the sodium ions and minerals present in Body Care. These are not harmful in any way. Shake the bottle well to dissolve the sediments before use.

Is it safe to drink?

As a strongly alkaline substance, Body Care is can cause diarrhea or intestinal problems if ingested in large quantities. For drinking purposes, Body Care should be diluted at approximately one spray to 100 g water.

Is Body Care safe to use on puppies and kittens receiving vaccine treatment?

Body Care is not an irritant and is classified as safe to use on dogs and cats aged under 12 months or over ten years. In fact, it is highly effective for puppies and kittens undergoing vaccine treatment.

How is Body Care different to acidic products? What are the benefits of alkali?

The alkali is a powerful cleanser, with negative ions that act upon the positive ions in dirt and contaminants. Yet the alkaline properties are perfectly safe to use on the skin.

Silk & Collagen

What is the difference between Body Care and Silk & Collagen?

Body Care is designed primarily for cleaning and skin conditioning around the eyes, inside the ears, and feet. Silk & Collagen is for brushing, and also for repairing cracked pads and dry skin.

Why does it contain both silk protein and collagen?

All dog species are susceptible to skin problems, but keeping the skin in good condition can help to prevent problems before they occur. Begin by cleaning with Body Care, then apply Silk & Collagen to nourish and moisturize the skin.
The silk protein and marine collagen combination is non-oily and has none of the sticky residue typical of oil-based moisturizers, which can have an adverse effect on skin condition. Silk & Collagen gently moisturizes and replenishes the skin without leaving a sticky residue, and is the ideal way to keep your pet's skin in peak condition.

I currently use Body Care liquid. Does it act as a cleanser?

Although Silk & Collagen does work as a cleanser to some degree, it is primarily intended as a complement to brushing for the skin and coat. For normal cleansing, we recommend Body Care.

Is Silk & Collagen OK to use on sensitive skin and young pets?

Silk & Collagen is made entirely from pure natural ingredients and is guaranteed free of stimulants. It is perfectly safe for sensitive skin.

Is Silk & Collagen safe for puppies and kittens receiving vaccine treatment, and for animals older than six years?

Silk & Collagen is made entirely from pure natural ingredients and does not contain irritating chemicals. It is safe to use on pets of any age.

What are the ingredients natural chitosan and grain extract?

Chitosan is a powerful all-natural antibacterial disinfectant derived from crab shells, while the grain extract is a natural preservative made from soy beans.

Bean Essence

Is Bean Essence safe to use on dogs and cats of all ages?

Bean Essence is perfectly safe for all dog and cat species of any age. You may use it with confidence on your pet.

Can Bean Essence be combined with Body Care?

If the two products are combined, Body Care will negate the benefits of Bean Essence. For best results, apply Bean Essence after washing with Body Care.

Bean Essence appears to have similar ingredients to Silk & Collagen, so is it also suitable as a brushing agent?

Bean Essence uses the same ingredients but with a different composition.
The two products have quite different uses: Silk & Collagen is designed for brushing, while Bean Essence is intended primarily as an insect repellent. For brushing, we recommend using Silk & Collagen.

Virus & Smell

How long does the odor neutralizing effect last?

Virus & Smell contains highly concentrated free chlorine that rapidly decomposes the sources of unpleasant odors, then reverts to water. In this sense, the effect is instantaneous rather than lasting.

Is it safe for both people and animals?

Virus & Smell turns into water as soon as it comes into contact with the skin, mouth, or organic matter. It is therefore perfectly safe for both humans and animals.

Hypochlorous acid is generally associated with causing rust and color fading. How safe is the stabilized compound chlorine in Virus & Smell?

Hypochlorous acid is normally acidic and causes oxidative degradation of proteins. It has a similar effect on pigments, bleaching out colors and corroding precious metals. The stabilized compound chlorine in Virus & Smell, however, is alkaline and will not cause either corrosion or bleaching. You can use it with confidence on all types of precious metal.

What is stabilized compound chlorine, the principal ingredient?

Sodium hypochlorite (water-soluble antiformin): designated additive 139
Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide): designated additive 184
Soda ash (sodium bicarbonate): designated additive 197
The above are all approved food additives and perfectly safe when ingested. Further, the quantities involved are extremely low—less than the amount of salt found in ordinary mains water.

Natural Dog Bath

How is Natural Dog Bath different to Silk & Collagen?

The products differ in both composition and quality. While Silk & Collagen contains both silk protein and marine collagen, Natural Dog Bath contains only silk protein, which is of a much higher grade. It is extracted in Japan from sterile silkworm cocoons without chemicals or heat treatment, solely via the osmotic force of Pet-Cool, to retain the original macromolecular structure of the protein. Silk protein is sensitive to heat, and diluting it in hot water improves penetration into the skin and hair. Natural Dog Bath contains no less than 18 proteins and amino acids that work to repair and moisturize dry skin and damaged hairs while treating dandruff. It is ideal as a general restorative treatment to rejuvenate the coat.

Organic Shea butter

Is Organic Shea butter safe to ingest?

Organic Shea butter contains no chemical substances or preservatives and is perfectly safe for your pet to lick. The main components are Shea butter, herbs and Japanese plant extracts such as medicinal herbs.

How often should I use Organic Shea butter?

This will depend on the species of dog. Normally one or two applications per day should suffice, on the pads after walking, on sensitive or itchy skin, and anywhere else that warrants attention.
A 10 g tube should last around two months on a small dog, or one to one and a half months for a medium to large dog.

How much should be applied per time?

Put a small quantity of Organic Shea butter on your fingertip and rub in gently.
It spreads easily so only a small amount should suffice.

How long does the product last?

The product lasts for one year after opening when kept at normal temperature.
• Do not store in hot or humid conditions. Keep out of direct sunlight.
• Replace cap immediately after use.

Does it smell?

Though Organic Shea butter contains no added fragrances, the mild scent from the natural plant extracts may be noticeable to some people.

Can it be used on wet pads if I have just finished applying another product to the feet after walking?

This should normally be OK. For best results, wipe the feet first with a towel. (The pads do not need to be totally dry, however.)

Can it be used in conjunction with other Pet-Cool products?


Foot treatment after walks
Use Body Care to get rid of stubborn dirt and germs on the pads and surrounds, then gently apply Organic Shea butter to complete the treatment.

Dermatitis and itching
Use Body Care to clean affected areas of dirt and germs, then spray with Silk & Collagen and massage in gently to nourish the skin and fur and repair damage at the same time.
Finish with an application of Organic Shea butter, which locks in the Silk & Collagen nutrients and enhances the shielding properties of the skin while ameliorating the symptoms of inflammation.

Is Organic Shea butter safe to use on and around open wounds?

Yes, Organic Shea butter is perfectly safe to use on and around open wounds. It contains no stimulants and will not cause any annoyance or discomfort to your pet.

Can Organic Shea butter be used to stem bleeding from scratches or nail clippings?

First wash the affected area thoroughly with Body Care, then apply a generous amount of Organic Shea butter and massage in gently.

Breath Care

Is Breath Care totally safe?

Breath Care is made from foods and plant extracts and is totally safe.

How often should I use it?

For best results use twice per day. For small dogs, we recommend one or two short sprays per use; medium dogs will require two or three sprays, and large dogs three or four sprays.

Is it scented?

Breath Care contains herb water infused with mint from Southern Asomura in Kumamoto prefecture, so it has a mild minty scent.

It seems slightly sour. Should I be worried?

No, there is no cause for concern. The sourness is from the cyclic poly lactate (CPL), an active lactic acid that neutralizes mouth odors and reduce bad breath. It also uses intermolecular force to bond and stabilize sulfide compounds that cause bad breath.

Can Breath Care be used in conjunction with other Pet-Cool products?

Start by getting rid of food scraps in the mouth and between the teeth, using Body Care on a piece of cotton cloth or gauze or a toothbrush to.
Then spray the Breath Care once inside the mouth and once more on gaps between the teeth to suppress germ growth and kill odors.