Bean Essence

Made from all-natural scent-free grain extract that repels fleas and ticks yet is safe to ingest

Bean Essence is made from a soybean-based grain extract. Soybeans are known to provide protection against viruses and bacterial infections through the process of developing into bean sprouts, and it is this component that effectively repels fleas and ticks. It is augmented by the antibacterial properties of chitosan that also serve to repel insects.

Simply spray all over your pet and rub in!
Spray on sofas, carpets, carry bags, and carts too!
Protects against ultraviolet radiation!
The ideal complement to brushing!

May not be suitable for pets with grain allergies or equivalent symptoms.
Consult with your veterinary specialist before use.


Scent free Ideal for dogs with sensitivity to herbs
Chemical free Totally safe to ingest
Gentle on the skin Made from natural silk proteins that nourish the skin

With superior adsorption and penetration properties that form a protective barrier over the hair and scalp while also replenishing moisture levels in the skin and producing a smooth, glossy coat. Just like a post-shampoo moisturizer!

Insect protection

Repels 97.3% of ticks (Aiken)
Repels 70% of fleas (Japan Environmental Sanitation Center, JESC)
Effective for ten hours per application

Note: Efficacy period may be shorter when used in combination with BodyCare

Product composition

Insects tend to be attracted towards positive ions. Bean Essence is made from alkaline ingredients that are rich in negative ions, and thus naturally repels insects and drives away any insects already in the vicinity.
The antibacterial properties of chitosan in Bean Essence also help to repel insects.

How to apply Bean Essence—video