Breath Care

Suppresses and deactivates germs and bacteria that cause bad breath

Uses a powerful combination of active lactic acid, natural zeolite and grapefruit extract to attack the germs that cause bad breath, while the zeolite adds extra polish to the teeth.
Fights bad breath, dental plaque and tartar at the same time


Purified water, organic acid (CPL), natural zeolite, amino acid (alanine), grapefruit seed extract, fermented alcohol

About natural zeolite

Zeolite is a natural mineral formed by volcanic activity over a period of five to seven million years. It has a three-dimensional mesh structure with spaces that suck in odor components. Zeolite also contains minute particles measuring 1.25 µm across to eliminate roughness.

About CPL

CPL stands for cyclic polymerized lactic acid, an extremely safe polymerized organic acid made from refined fermented corn and grains. CPL forms molecular bonds with volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) that cause bad breath via intermolecular interaction and hydrogen bonding. This stabilizes the VSC and helps to suppress odors.

About sulfur compounds

Sulfur compounds are the substances that typically lead to bad breath. Bacteria in the oral cavity act on materials present in the mouth such as food remnants, sugars, and bodily materials shed by the oral cavity (typically mucosal epithelium, blood corpuscle components and proteins from dead cells). This causes the materials to decompose, leading to unpleasant odors.

About alanine

Alanine is an amino acid that protects the liver and helps to break down alcohol in the body. It has a sweet taste and is often used as a natural food additive to deliver multiple benefits such as improved liver functioning, fat burning and promoting skin renewal.

Note: Amino acids are the basis of the proteins used to build muscles and internal organs. Alanine is present in virtually all of the proteins found in the body. Alanine is used as a medicinal treatment for urinary disorders such as sychnuria and as an enteral agent in clinical nutrition regimes.

Foods with high levels of alanine

Shellfish such as shijimi and asari clams.

How and when to apply

Apply when bad breath indicates poor oral hygiene
Apply twice per day, usually one or two puffs

See the difference

Fixes bad breath and yellowing teeth simultaneously!

My dog's teeth were yellowing badly, so I started brushing them with Breath Care on a toothbrush after meals. In just one week they looked so much better! Also his breath was so putrid that I didn't want to come near him, but now I don't care if he licks me all over (laughs). It tastes like yoghurt and he absolutely loves it!