Natural Dog Bath

Luxury bath milk made from white silk extracted from high-quality Japanese cocoons

Silk proteins are affected by heat, and in a hot bath are more readily absorbed into the skin and fur. This has the effect of enhancing the health-giving properties of the proteins.

Natural Dog Bath is ideal for:
• Revitalizing damaged skin and hair
• Combining with shampoo
• Repairing dry and damaged skin, flaking scalp, frayed hair
• Alleviating itching and fur balls
• Preventing electrostatic buildup

Product composition and benefits

Natural Dog Bath contains high-grade silk protein derived from white silk via a cold extraction process. The protein forms a protective barrier that shields the hair and scalp from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation and hair dryers, while the moisturizing macromolecular sericin helps to repair damaged hair for a healthier, glossier coat.

Natural Dog Bath reduces electrostatic buildup and is 100% free of chemical products, making it totally safe to use on dogs with sensitive skin.

How to use—full body bath

• Use 50 ml of Natural Dog Bath per 10 liters of hot water.
• After shampooing, cover the entire body in bath water, then massage in gently for about five or ten minutes.
• Finish with your normal treatment regime, then apply Silk & Collagen while using the hair dryer.

Note: If your dog has particularly dry or damaged fur, use for three days in succession.

How to use—quick full body wash

• After brushing, wet your dog's coat then put some Natural Dog Bath on your hands and apply directly.
• Massage in to lift off dirt, then rinse thoroughly to wash away.

How to use—cleaning the feet after walks

• Fill a bucket or tub with hot water and add 30 - 50 ml of Natural Dog Bath.
• Massage the feet gently in the water for about five or ten minutes to remove dirt.

See how much dirt is collected on the pads!
Natural Dog Bath dries quickly for a soft, fluffy feel.