Organic Shea butter

Made from the finest selected organic Shea butter
100% plant extract is safe to ingest
Penetrates quickly, lasts longer

Organic Shea butter is ideal for:
• Protecting the pads from cracking, dryness and slipping
• Soothing sensitive skin conditions such as itching and flaking
• Treating insect bites, inflammation and wounds


Organic Shea butter, lavender extract, hibiscus extract, mugwort extract, dokudami extract, turmeric extract, fig leaf extract, olive wax, olive oil, cyclic poly lactate (CPL), beeswax, ethylhexylglycerin, glycerin caprylate, squalene, glycerin

About Shea butter

Shea butter, the cure-all medicine of the African savanna, is a type of fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. Shea butter is a precious resource that takes many years to produce: 20 years from germination until the nut is ready for harvest, 20 years for the flower to bloom and another 20 years until the nut emerges.

Comprising primarily stearic acid and oleic acid, shea butter is highly resistant to oxidation and very effective at retaining moisture and preventing skin dryness. Although technically a vegetable oil, it is called a butter because it is readily absorbed into the skin.

Shea butter is used extensively in Africa for food preparation, cosmetic uses and medicinal purposes. Its moisture retention properties provide excellent protection against skin dryness and ultraviolet damage as well as a range of skin conditions including dermatitis, eczema, atopy, burns, muscle pain and insect bites.

About CPL

Cyclic poly lactate or CPL is an activated lactic acid product with a ring formation. It is used extensively in anti-aging and detox treatments.

In 1982, CPL was identified as an effective cancer growth blocker.* More recently, the food and beauty industries have become increasingly interested in the anti-aging and detoxification properties of CPL.
* Suppresses abnormal cells such as cancer cells without affecting the activity of normal healthy cells.


Apply a small amount on a finger and rub gently into the affected area.

Use with confidence on the pads and within reach of the tongue.

See the difference

Dry, hard pads become soft and glossy

Product is made from vegetable extract and is perfectly safe to ingest. It is non-greasy and has no discernible odor.

Before: Anus is red and inflamed.

After: After applying twice daily for a week, the redness has disappeared.