Silk & Collagen

Silk protein plus marine collagen for extra moisturizing performance

Silk & Collagen features sericin, a high-grade silk protein rich in amino acid components, which boosts the moisturizing performance of collagen by as much as ten times. It creates a beautiful looking coat by moisturizing and promoting health from within. It also contains two dedicated proteins designed to repair and revitalize damaged skin and fur.

Silk & Collagen is ideal for:
• Daily brushing
• Soothing dry and sensitive skin
• Treating dry or cracked pads
• Preventing electrostatic buildup
• Maintaining a healthy and glossy coat
• Protecting your pet from pollen during walks

Silk collagen (macromolecular protein)

With superior adsorption and penetration properties that form a protective barrier over the hair and scalp while also replenishing moisture levels in the skin and producing a smooth, glossy coat. Just like a post-shampoo moisturizer!

Marine collagen (low molecular protein)

Marine collagen extracted from sharks penetrates into the skin and hairs to repair damage more effectively. It gives the skin extra strength and resilience and adds body and bounce to fur, producing a healthy finish like a full treatment.

Made from high-quality silk

Sourcing the raw ingredients

Silk & Collagen is made from sterile organic white silk made in Japan. The silk is produced by silkworms fed with fresh clean leaves from mulberry plants that have been carefully nurtured in pure water extracted from a Top 100 underground water source in Japan (the same water used in BodyCare). This excellent diet ensures that the silkworms make the finest healthy white cocoons. The same pure fresh water is used to extract the silk protein, resulting in silk of the very highest quality.

Silk protein extraction

Silk protein is extracted at room temperature via a new process that does not involves heating. This preserves the original macromolecular form of the protein, unlike conventional hot extraction, which produces poorer quality silk protein. The silkworms are also much cleaner, having been raised in a sterile environment on chemical-free food.

Combined benefits of BodyCare and Silk & Collagen

Pet-Cool is made from natural water purified via a special electrolyzing process that forms minute clusters of water molecules. These clusters significantly boost surface activity and penetration properties for powerful stain removal performance. Yet there are no chemicals involved, and Pet-Cool looks and feels just like ordinary water. Using Pet-Cool to clean deep into the pores is the ideal preparation to promote absorption and penetration of Silk & Collagen.



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