Vegekari health treat for joints and liver

Vegekari health treat for joints and liver

Ideal for:

Animals with joint pain and abnormal weight gain issues, dogs that have lost interest in walks or cannot walk freely


Sweet potato paste, rice flour, virgin coconut oil, powdered spinach, powdered artichoke, N-acetyl-glucosamine, CPL (cyclic poly lactate), green tea extract


The basic product concept is to address joint issues and liver function. The product consists of a sweet potato base supplemented with a balanced formulation of artichoke, a classic functional vegetable with high nutrient value, and N-acetyl-glucosamine. It is made with coconut oil, which has zero trans fatty acids, and contains none of the seven major allergens (wheat, milk and eggs; although it does contain prawn and crab meat) so it is suitable for pets with food allergies.
N-acetyl-glucosamine, which is absorbed in the body three times more readily than standard forms of glucosamine, stimulates generation of hyaluronic acid that promotes joint and cartilage growth and also boosts liver function.
Artichoke is also rich in inulin, which suppresses sugar absorption and helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. For best results, the product should be administered at meal times.
The product also contains medicinal CPL (cyclic poly lactate) to boost absorption of these two important ingredients.


What is N-acetyl-glucosamine? N-acetyl-glucosamine is an amino acid, also known as a natural glucosamine, and a type of monosaccharide in sugar form that cannot be broken down further.
It exists in high concentrations in the skin, in joint cartilage and synovial fluid, and in the eyes and brain.
As one of the key components of hyaluronic acid, N-acetyl-glucosamine plays an important role in restoring and rehabilitating cartilage and moisturizing the skin.
Benefits of N-acetyl-glucosamine

- Alleviates joint discomfort
N-acetyl-glucosamine stimulates production of chondroitin, a key component of joints and cartilage which is very important for facilitating normal body movement. Chondroitin production declines with age, typically leading to joint pain.
In this way, N-acetyl-glucosamine helps to repair and restore cartilage material and stimulates production of synovial fluid to protect the bones from friction.

- Improves skin tone
N-acetyl-glucosamine is a key component of hyaluronic acid, which helps to moisturize the skin and keep it smooth and clear.

N-acetyl-glucosamine vs. ordinary glucosamine Ordinary glucosamine must first be converted to N-acetyl-glucosamine in the body before it can be of use. N-acetyl-glucosamine, on the other hand, can be absorbed directly, and is around three times more effective as a result.
Hyaluronic acid cannot be generated in the body unless N-acetyl glucosamine is present.


What are artichokes? The artichoke is officially classified as a Helianthus plant species from the composite family. Its Japanese name is composed of the characters for chrysanthemum and yam; this is because the yellow artichoke flower is similar to the chrysanthemum flower, while the root system resembles that of the yam.
Like the standard potato and sweet potato, the artichoke has negligible starch content.
And at 35 Kcal per 100 g, it has around half the calories of potato and sweet potato.
Artichokes are also consistent with dietetic therapy.
Benefits of artichokes

- Reduces blood sugar levels and neutral fats
Artichokes are rich in inulin, a polysaccharide and dietary fiber that is not broken down by the action of digestive enzymes.
Artichokes are known as nature’s own insulin, since they help to maintain blood sugar levels and reduce neutral fats in the body.

- Regulates the intestines
Inulin is converted to a form of oligosaccharide in the intestines, which serves as a food source for probiotic bacteria. In this way, inulin creates an environment conducive to propagation of probiotic bacteria that prevent and alleviate intestinal disorders.

Nutritional information

Water 1.88%
Protein 2.36%
Fat 3.56%
Crude fiber 0.28%
Minerals 0.48%
Energy 176.8cal

Recommended dosage

Body weight
Up to 5 kg 2
Up to 10 kg 5
Up to 20 kg 8
Up to 30 kg 10