Professional grooming tips and tricks

Body Care

Quick-dry action for faster drying after shampoo treatment.
While using the hair dryer, apply a uniform spray of BodyCare over the entire body.
The penetrating and emulsifying actions help the coat to dry more quickly.

Ideal for dogs that itch frequency after shampoo treatment.
Massage BodyCare into affected areas then wipe off with a soft cloth.
BodyCare relieves itching by removing residual shampoo components (typically surfactants) and reducing skin acidity to achieve neutral pH.

Dilute shampoo in BodyCare to improve cleansing performance.
A small quantity of BodyCare supplements the shampoo and helps to remove stubborn dirt and stains. Adding BodyCare also helps to defray the cost of shampoo treatment.
Particularly beneficial for dogs that require double shampoo treatment.

Tips for salons to recommend BodyCare products

Products used by professional pet grooming salons are seen as safe, and it is therefore easy to recommend such products for daily skin care. Advise clients that they can use these products to maintain the skin and coat in the same condition as when it leaves the salon.

Silk & Collagen

Use Silk & Collagen during the blow-dry phase to give the coat body as well as a sleek, glossy look. It also helps to reduce static electricity and preserve shape during cutting.

Tips for salons to recommend Silk & Collagen products

Advise clients to use Silk & Collagen if fur balls are a problem. They should find that fur balls are much less of a problem the next time they bring their pet in for a trim.
Either apply while brushing or massage directly into the coat. Silk & Collagen helps to hinder the formation of fur balls while improving general skin condition. Owners gain a better understanding of grooming procedures, which speeds up the grooming process and saves them from spending more money treating fur balls.

Bean Essence

After trimming, spray the dog with Bean Essence as an insect repellent, at no charge. Owners will see that it is scent-free and rapid-drying, and will often want to purchase some for themselves.

Virus & Smell

Virus & Smell is ideal as a general-purpose cleaner and disinfectant on tools such as scissors, clippers and slicker brushes. You can recommend it to customers who prefer to avoid shampoo in favor of anal gland cleansers.

Tips for salons to recommend Virus & Smell products

A deodorant that both pets and their owners can use.
For pets, it alleviates the cold-like symptoms of kennel cough and distemper.
For pet owners, it provides an effective treatment for influenza.

Virus & Smell is an ideal humidifier additive for the autumn and winter months.

Natural Dog Bath

Add to water in a sink or tub or pour directly into Micro Bubble.
The cleansing and exfoliating action of BodyCare works deep into the pores to flush out dirt and contaminants, while the dedicated silk proteins revitalize the skin and fur. It can be added as a special grooming treatment to give owners a better understanding of grooming processes, which translates into more sales per customer.

Organic Shea butter

Organic Shea butter is very effective for treating pads.
(You can recommend it as an optional extra.)
It is scent-free and rapid-drying, and gentle on inflamed or sensitive skin, particularly after clipper treatment.
Owners will often want to purchase some for themselves.

Tips for salons to recommend Organic Shea butter products

You can recommend Organic Shea butter as an ointment for treating delicate and sensitive skin, inflammation, itching and other conditions, as well as for daily treatment of pads.